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Slash invites teenage idol to strip club

HARD rocker Slash and clean-cut teenage sensation Justin Bieber together in a strip club?

Slash thought it was a good idea, but apparently this would mean breaking the Canadian teenybopper's curfew.

The two music stars arrived in Sydney on the weekend and 16-year-old Bieber said he'd like to catch up with the 44-year-old guitar legend over dinner.

"I told him, I said maybe me and the misses will take you to a strip bar," Slash told reporters in Melbourne.

"But that didn't happen 'cause his minder told me that he's got a curfew and he's with his mum."

Slash is in Australia to launch the new MTV Classic channel.

His visit also coincides with the release of his first solo album, self-titled Slash, which features some of the industry's most famous voices.

Iggy Pop, Fergie, Ozzy Osborne and even Australia's own Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother, are among those who accompany Slash's rock riffs on the album.

"I decided I wanted to do a record where I had a bunch of guests on it, basically inspired by the fact that I spent so much time playing on other people's records," he said.

"So I started writing music and as I went I started thinking about who would sound good on which track."

And it was as easy as calling the artists up and asking them if they were interested.

Stockdale was due to appear at today's media event with Slash, but missed his flight from Sydney - prompting speculation he'd had a big night.

"(He's) the most rock and roll amongst us," Slash joked.

Despite his bitter split with Guns N' Roses, Slash said his memories of the band were nothing but fond.

"That was one of the coolest bands, if I hadn't been in the band, that would've been my favourite band," he said.

"I loved being in Guns N' Roses and I loved where it came from, how it started, the fact that we did everything our own way, we never conformed to any rules or regulations by this business and we succeeded at it."

And Slash hasn't changed much since he burst onto the rock scene some 25 years ago.

He still wears his top hat and silver circle glasses, and a bandana drapes from his back pocket. There's just a little more silver stubble.

Slash will tour Australia in August.

The first show will be in Melbourne on August 11 and then he'll head to Brisbane and Sydney.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, May 7.

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