I peed my pants I swear!

OK I know he isn't the ONTD norm but he's Leonard freakin' Nimoy. And I still can't get over how damn amazing and gracious he is (unlike some other people.... I'm looking at you Brent Spiner who also attended the Calgary Comic Expo). I took a gazillion pics and posted them to my LJ but I thought these may be relevant to your interests (the 7 of you who's appreciate this anyway heehee :P)

ETA: It's kind of ridiculous that I'm editing this in, but since Brent Spiner got his panties in a knot over my comments here (see his twitter) I'm just sayin'...he said some stuff that from my point of view were slightly bad jokes. Nothing horrifying, nothing extremely offensive. Just meh and unnecessary (the Nimoy comments he made for example which made the people on MY side of the panel audience boo him). But rest assured, Data still kicks ass and Mr. Spiner....I still love ya. Aside from the few bad jokes, he was funny. Didn't really go to meet him so I don't know what he's like in person. Just talking about the panel. <3