'Top Gear' Caused The Volcanic Erruption

Top Gear takes blame for Icelandic volcano eruption
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As widely reported in the media this week, James May was spotted in Iceland days before the volcano eruption that paralysed British air space.

Today, experts worldwide have rushed to blame TopGear for the holiday-ruining cloud of ash and doom sweeping over the UK.
According to local media, the shaggy-haired television presenter was witnessed driving a modified Hilux to the rim of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano last week

Though initially assumed that he was simply filming a feature for the the popular motoring television show, it has since been speculated that May’s purpose was far more devious.

“It has been scientifically proven that TopGear is responsible for almost every evil in the modern world, so the eruption of a furious tectonic force barely a week after Richard Clarkson’s ‘visit’ can hardly be viewed as mere coincidence,” says media commentator Annalisa Kneejerk.

“We have it on good authority that Jeremy Hammond drove one of his favourite Ferrari gas-guzzlers at 100mph, straight into the main magma chamber, which could quite easily have caused this geological catastrophe. Thankfully I’ve never watched the show.”

In other news, a government committee has blamed TopGear for the eco-unfriendly image of motorsports in the UK.

lol at Jeremy and Richard's names getting confused.
I believe Jeremy Clarkson is responsible for any of the world's disasters because he is that evil of a man.
Glad to see some flights are finally taking off and people can finally go home on both sides of the Atlantic. Let's hope the other volcano doesn't errupt