Maddy (waffle_party) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Kate Gosselin knows she sucks, begs "friends" for votes via email

Dancing with the Stars may be the hottest show on primetime TV with 20 million viewers a night. But not many of them are phoning in for momster Kate Gosselin. While it's no shocker her performances aren't winning the hearts of America, Kate thinks some grassroots efforts from her friends will keep her in the competition for longer. Life & Style's SCENE QUEENS has obtained an email that Kate sent to her friends to call in and vote for her! In it, she pleads for friends to forward the email to at least ten people and asks for everyone to call in not once, not twice, but TEN times! "I am much less confident this week and am actually BEGGING you this week to vote to the max for Tony I via TEXTING, EMAIL, and PHONE."


I am beyond over this self-righteous attention-seeking mess
Tags: jon and kate gosselin

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