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Milla Jovovich doesn't want 'creepy' kid

Milla Jovovich has vowed not to make her daughter a child star.

The 'Resident Evil' star - who started modelling when she was just 12 years old - thinks it would be "creepy" if she forced two-year-old Ever Gabo into work, insisting she only embarked on her career so young to help her family out of poverty.

Milla - who is married to director Paul W. S. Anderson - said: "She's not going to be a working child. For me it's kind of creepy, the whole working kid kind of thing.

"We were struggling financially, we were immigrants from Russia and we really needed to succeed. My mom saw talent in me and she wanted to make the best and most out of it.

"There is no real use for Ever to work. I definitely want my daughter to just be a child. Work hard in school and find your passion, slowly."

As well as not wanting Ever to work, Milla, 34, is planning to scale back her own career commitments to spend more time with her family.

She told People magazine: "When I'm not working, I want to be with my baby. The multitasking-Milla is a thing of the past.

"I'm about prioritising now. I can't do all the modelling and movies that I want and still have time for my baby and my family."

However, Milla admits it can be difficult spending time with her daughter outdoors because the presence of photographers "p**ses off" other parents, meaning she has to send Ever to the park with her nanny.

She explained: "She's like, 'Momma come to the park with me,' and I say, 'When Momma goes to the park, all the photographers come, so you go and play with your friends.' It gets really tense at the park.

"She's getting used to photographers but she says, 'I want to break them. Oh camera. I want to break them.' Sometimes I don't even see them and she spots them, like, from a mile away."

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