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Melissa and Tammy Etheridge: Inside Their Split

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Melissa and Tammy Etheridge have ended their nearly nine-year relationship, but there’s no drama behind the split – only sadness, a friend of the former couple tells PEOPLE.

"There’s no third party involved. They just drifted apart over time," says the friend. "There’s no animosity whatsoever – they are on friendly terms. "

Melissa, 48, and Tammy, 35, separated four or five months ago, says the pal, but continue to put their kids first.

"They’re co-parenting their twins [Miller and Johnnie Rose, 3],” says the friend. "They are living apart but share custody of the kids. "

Melissa will continue to co-parent her kids when she hits the road to promote her 10th studio album, Fearless Love, due to be released April 27.

Tammy has posted some interesting messages to her blog.

The day of the announcement: "so.... there i was, road kill, on my back, couldn't breathe, couldn't eat or it'd come right back up... how the fuck was i going to make a life for me and my twins from here? lying on my back, flatter than a doornail, staring straight up at the sky, all blood having been smashed from my body like water from a water a water balloon in the summer play...."

In response to the article: "i never let stuff drift- i don't drift- drifting is for wood, not people, and especially not relationships or marriages or "forever", but i digress..."

Today: "click click click
listening to grown ups
guess and gossip
about my own life
is like overhearing the 3 year olds
in the sand box
talk about
how they visit Dorothy and Toto
in Oz

it's startling the
that strangers
(and three year olds)
can come up with
and blank face lie to someone about
"she was unhappy for years"
"it was best"
"she's had enough hell"
"Toto loves me best"
"The Tinman has 4 hearts!!"
"Only I can have the ruby red slippers!"

ah, the land of oz

it wasn't real either."

Tags: breakup, music / musician

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