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Jenna Jameson Tweets Disappointment In Kendra Wilkinson

Jenna Jameson tweet her disgust in Kendra Wilkinson last night because Kendra was out haveing a little fun. All the best tweets are below, including Kendras Mom tweeting her anger at Jenna. Funtimes

@JennaJameson : I have to say one last thing. I think it's weird when new moms act exactly the way they did when they didn't have babies. It's sad....

@JennaJameson : Kendra is my friend... But, things change once your a mom... You don't see me out acting like a heathen

@JennaJameson : I think I made it known... She needs some guidance

@JennaJameson : Im not saying what she did is wrong... I just pointed out that things shouldnchange once you have children!

@JennaJameson : I just stated my opinion. I myself would never let magazines put my kids on covers. They didn't ask for fame

@JennaJameson : I didn't want to use my children as a poy to get press... Too many celebs do that.

@JennaJameson : O, I'm done with the Kendra talk. She is a great mommy, and I wish her well. I was just disappointed in the silly groupie stuff. Moving on

Twitpic of Kendra that she posted recently saying "Had to get out n have some fun while my babies are in NM."

(xnjgirl = Kendra's Mom)

@xnjirl : you better be done with the Kendra bashing!Kendra is a great mom and a great person.....you...hmmmmm ?????? shut your mouth.

@xnjgirl : Jenna Jameson better keep her rotten ognorant comments to herself.....

@JennaJameson : @Xnjgirl lolololol....... Wow..... Mommies mad!

@JennaJameson : @Xnjgirl weren't you just bashing Pamela? Hmmmmm

@KendraWilkinson : Omg so I just like saw Kendra shakin her butt..my life is over now. I'm so mad at her. Omg ewww. Haha.

@KendraWilkinson : Seriously, I thank u my fans for havin my back n knowing the truth. Besides my fam, u guys keep me strong.

@HollyMadison123 : Jeez, @KendraWilkinson don't you know there's a law against being a hot mom? lol!

As much as I agree with comments about the magazine covers this is just stupid. Clearly Kendra is totally on the crazy train and needs to get some guidance to be a good mother... from Jenna Jameson

Sources : @KendraWilkinson @HollyMadison123 @xnjgirl @JennaJameson
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