Glee: Idina Menzel's Kissing Calamity

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Lea Michele isn't the only one over at Glee hurting from a work-related injury.

So is new guest star Idina Menzel—sorta.

It happened during Menzel's first day of work playing Shelby Corcoran, the coach of champion glee club, Vocal Adrenaline…

The scene involved a lot of kissing between the Tony Award-winning songbird and Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester. "I got a chaffing mark on my chin from his scruff," Menzel told me at this week's Glee Spring Fling party at the Chateau Marmont. "If you look really closely on the show, I think you can see it.

"So not only am I still worrying about my weight from coming back from being pregnant, but I have a chaffing mark on my chin, and I have to be all kissy with Matthew. It was a little overwhelming."

So how is her and Private Practice hubby Taye Diggs' seven-month-old son, Walker Nathaniel, doing?

The li'l guy has proven to be quite the inspiration for his musical parents, that's for sure.

"We sing in our lives all the time as it is, so this baby is either going to hate music or love it," Menzel said. "We make up a million songs on the spot. There's a song for smelly poopoo, drool, nighttime. We just did a travel song, 'Going on a trip/ Going on a trip/ Me and Daddy and Walker, too!' "

Diggs added, "There's the one about the face! 'Why you making that face at me? Why you making that face at me? Is it because you're making baby poopies?' "

Sounds like Mommy and Daddy should record a children's album, doncha think?