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Matthew Mitcham Dresses as Unicorn for Lady Gaga

Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham says when he was young, he dreamed of two things: winning Olympic Gold and meeting Lady Gaga. He took care of the first goal in 2008 when he won the gold in the 10-meter platform. But the two-time Advocate cover boy says he was too shy to head backstage when he dressed as a shirtless unicorn for Gaga’s concert in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday night.

“Dear Lady Gaga, when I was young my only two wishes in life were winning Olympic Gold and meeting you,” Mitcham wrote on his Facebook page before the show. “I'll bring the medal to the concert tonight to show you if you'd like. I'll be the one dressed as a unicorn. Love Matt Xx.” Mitcham posted photos of him at the concert, then updated his Facebook page afterward to say he was “too SHY (believe it or not) and too embarrassed to try to use my name with the security guards.”He’s got one more shot to meet Gaga if he heads for her show in Melbourne tonight. After that, she leaves Australia for a tour of Japan.


Here is Matt dressed in a suit:

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