More news on Sharpay Spin-Off!


The irrepressible diva Sharpay Evans, recent graduate of East High School,
seizes the spotlight in “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure,” a Disney Channel
Original Movie scheduled to begin production this summer for a 2011 premiere.
The incomparable Ashley Tisdale will reprise the role she made so popular in the

“High School Musical” TV movies and feature film. Tisdale will also serve as
executive producer of the movie which was written by Robert Horn (producer of
Broadway’s “13″ and writer/producer of “Designing Women”). Barry Rosenbush and
Bill Borden (both of the “High School Musical” movies) will also serve as
executive producers of the movie.

In making the announcement, Gary Marsh,
president, Entertainment, and chief creative officer, Disney Channels Worldwide,

said: “In ‘Sharpay,’ Ashley Tisdale brought to life one of the most memorable
comedic characters we’ve seen in years. This movie captures the absolutely
perfect next chapter in Sharpay’s life, as she tries to cultivate the humanity
buried, deep, deep within her – a challenging and hilarious endeavor.”

Aspiring thespian Sharpay Evans, who was once a big, fabulous fish in a small
pond (a man-made pond at a resort country club that her father owns), is finally

about to meet her destiny on Broadway, and luckily, theater lighting highlights
her hair and skin tone beautifully. Her big break comes after a talent scout
spots her performing with her dog Boi at a charity gala, and now there’s not a
marquee big enough or lights bright enough to contain the glorious fame she
plans on having. Sharpay and Boi head to New York, but theatre is a dog eat dog
world, and nothing turns out as Sharpay expects, especially when she meets her
match in a rather daunting Broadway starlet (who arrived in Midtown Manhattan as

a recent winner of “So You Think You’re America’s Most Talented Performing

The Great White Way is all Sharpay’s ever dreamed of, especially since she
already has everything else. Life in the big city is a shock, but there’s an
even bigger bombshell when Sharpay finally realizes the Broadway role is really
for Boi, not her. Putting her disappointment aside, she sets out to make Boi the

most fabulous canine star to hit the stage, with the hope that his fame will
become her fame (after all, she is his entourage and she holds the leash).
Before long, Sharpay makes a new friend in a student filmmaker, Callem, who
finds her to be a fascinating subject. Meanwhile, Boi finds puppy love on a Big
Apple adventure of his own.

Tisdale originated the role of scene-stealing drama queen Sharpay Evans in “High

School Musical,” followed by its sequel and feature film. A fan favorite, she
won an MTV Movie Award and a Nickelodeon UK Kids’ Choice Awards for her
portrayal. She is also the voice of Candace Flynn in the Emmy and BAFTA
Award-nominated series “Phineas and Ferb.” Her other credits include “The Suite
Life of Zack and Cody” and the feature film “Aliens in the Attic.” A Warner
Bros. Records recording artist, Tisdale’s second solo album, “Guilty Pleasure,”
is certified gold-selling.

Although they are not yet active, Disney has registered



So are they back to the original title? Hmm confusing. But this confirms that

Ashley is back and she's even producing!
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