Mickey Mouse has gone steampunk with Lady GaGa to follow?

Steampunk mouse

The Mechanical Kingdom
posted on March 23rd, 2010 via Disney.go.com
Photos of the steampunk pins and art from Disney

"Mike was first introduced to Steampunk at a major science-fiction convention. Following the event, he did extensive research on the internet (the same place where I first learned of Steampunk). Quickly, he discovered a whole fan community. Mike wondered how he could present our Disney characters in this alternate world.

I created a story outline and several sketches to sell the idea of creating Steampunk-inspired merchandise,” continued Mike. “Honestly, it was a long process explaining the concept as many folks were unfamiliar with Steampunk. Thankfully, the Disney Pin Team loved the idea and created a pin set.”

The photo below is the best real life example of what they're copying with the Disney stuff. It's G.D. Falksen, in a photo by www.tarilynquinn.com/
This is Steampunk

With word from a pal of a pal who just did a ton of steampunk clothing bits for Lady GaGa, you are going to be seeing more of it.
If you what to have a clue as to what the hell it is this is the best link to the run down on steampunk.

Mouse Source

Steampunk Source 1

Steampunk Source 2

Lady GaGa Source, Comes up At 00:42:26
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