The latest Mexican celebrity against gay adoption is even more ignorant than the previous one

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Gay adoption was recently made legal in Mexico city, so naturally a lot of biggots and morons are running their mouths against it. First singer Paquita la del Barrio said she would rather see children die in the streets, before a gay couple adopts them. Now actor and ~entrepeneur Roberto Palazuelos spewed ignorance and shit.

Here's basically what he said:

- he's not against gay people's "legal union" (doesn't call it marriage) but he is against gay adoption because:

a) the rights of the adults end where the rights of the children start. kids need a safe and healthy environment. they must be protected. (from the gays, I assume).

b) if gays want kids they should have them "the natural way" but not adopt. lolwut

c) the gay couple will turn the child gay: "a child that just arrived into the world with hetersexual genes will see two dads making love (wut) and be predisposed to be gay too".


BTW, here's an update from Paca la culera's scandal. her official apology:

“As a public figure, making this type of comment has caused a lot of harm to the gay community. Without making excuses for myself, these comments are due, in part, to my poor education that I had in a small town, in which this type of prejudice has always existed. I offer my sincere apologies to the gay community.”

PR bullshit. because she's feeling the backlash:

Her music is being banned by most gay clubs around the world and drag queens who played the role of Paquita are deciding not to pay her homage anymore.

Groups across the nation have gathered to destroy her CDs in protest and even a few PR companies and event organizers are blacklisting her.

In a new interview with El Gordo y La Flaca, Paquita is seen crying and saying that she has considered taking her own life since saying those strong words against homosexuals.

betch, please. anyway, here's what happened during her "apology concert/press conference".

She then held a press conference in a gay club in Mexico but turned it into a concert by performing several songs instead, leaving everyone wondering what was going on.

Paquita did give a brief apology but it certainly wasn’t heartfelt. She did cry but that doesn’t mean a thing.

Plus, she kept on referring to homosexuals as ‘them’. THEM!


these assholes are lucky they don't live in america, because if they were american celebrities people would not let them off that easy.