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Priyanka Chopra marries 7 times (including a father & son), remains hot while doing so.

Meet Priyanka Chopra.

She is a former Miss World who was raised in Boston. She's very famous, and unlike other former pageant queens, she's actually talented. She's starred opposite some of the biggest names in Bollywood, including Shahrukh Khan in "Don", Hrithik Roshan in "Krrish," and Abhishek Bachchan in "Dostana."

Her newest project is called "Saat Koon Maaf," based on the Ruskin Bond novel "Susanna's Seven Husbands." In this Bollywood adaptation, she is a murderess who kills her... wait for it... seven husbands.

It is being directed by the Martin Scorsese of Bollywood, Vishal Bhardawaj, who is famous for adapting Shakespeare for Bollywood, including "Maqbool" ("Macbeth") and "Omkara" ("Othello").

The cast list for Priyanka's 7 husbands was recently released... Click below.

Naseeruddin Shah (You might know him from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.)

John Abraham (You might know him for being hot.)

Irrfan Khan (You might know him from Slumdog Millionaire.)

Anu Kapoor (You might not know him, I don't.)

Vivaan Shah (You might know him as the son of Naseeruddin Shah.)

Neil Nitin Mukesh (You might know him from New York.)

Unknown Russian actor. This is a photo of Rasputin. He will have to do as this part has not been cast yet. (You might know him for exercising power over Tsarina Alexandra of Russia.)


So excited for this movie!
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