Alicia (thrillisgone_89) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

the biebz is going to #1

Leave it to Bieber.

Island/IDJ teen phenom Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0, the 10-track follow-up to his still Top 10 album, will top next week’s HITS Album Sales chart with between 225-250k, which is over 100k more than his debut last November, now over 1 million.

That’s based on one-day sales reports from those retailers who have completed perfect NCAA brackets through two rounds.

The industry at large hopes the album—which is selling from between $6.98 at Amazon, $6.99 at Target and $9.99 at iTunes, including some digital bells and whistles—will be the start of a trend where artists release less tracks at more frequent intervals.

J/RMG’s Monica is Still Standing, with the proof in projected sales of 165-190k for her new album, fueled by the hit Rhythm single, “Everything to Me.”

Capitol/EMI’s Now 33 will debut with an impressive 135-140k, which represents a whopping 35% increase over Now 32’s first week, and maybe signs the long-running franchise is getting an improbable second wind in the download era. Or not as the case may be.

Merge’s She and Him, the pairing of singer-songwriter M. Ward and indie film heartthrob Zooey Deschanel, is picking up steam at Amazon, with a total n ow climbing between 40-50k, same range as Broken Bells.

German heavy metal gods The Scorpions’ announced final album, Sting in the Tail, will bow with 18-22k for UMe.

The market was down 7% vs. last week, down 8% vs. same week last year and still down 8% year to date. You may now return to getting tickled by not-so-honorable Congressman Eric Massa.

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