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Did DUI Do In Real World's Puck? Cops Arrest Him at Hospital

In response to this post from earlier:

Puck's bad boy act didn't end with his eviction from MTV's Real World.

The former reality-TV star otherwise known as David Rainey was arrested in his hospital room on suspicion of DUI following a solo car crash last Friday that left him and his 8-year-old son, Bogart, injured.

"There's evidence that alcohol was involved," Officer Brian Pennings of the California Highway Patrol confirmed to E! News. "He's been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He'll be facing charges of DUI, child endangerment and driving without a license. Due to his medical condition he remains in the hospital."

Pennings said investigators will continue to probe the accident before submitting the case to the district attorney; how long that will take though will depend on Rainey's recovery.

"He has some pretty severe injuries, so we don’t know how long he is going to have to stay in the hospital," added the officer.

Puck's manager said he "cannot confirm or comment" whether the Real World: San Francisco villain had been boozing the night of the wreck.

But the rep did say Puck needed surgery on his neck and throat and was unable to talk at this point.

According to authorities, Puck was driving along Route 79 to San Diego for a father-son fishing trip when he lost control of his car, which skidded off an embankment and rolled over.

"He was trapped inside the vehicle," said Pennings. "His 8-year-old son was able to self-extricate himself, went up to the top of the embankment they rolled down and flagged down a passerby for help. His son was restrained and only sustained minor injuries."

While Puck remains laid up in the hospital, Bogart has since been released and is now back home with Rainey's wife, Betty.

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