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Blind Items

Hollywood Queen has a White Habit
PopBitch – Which Hollywood queen has a very white habit? Over the last few months her agents and publicists have been engaged in some creative damage-limitation work to make sure the fact that she doesn’t seem to care who she shares her powder with doesn’t derail what is already an award-winning career.
Damn Anne Hathaway, get your shit together.

Spoiled Girl Breaks a Window
CDAN – This spoiled diva B list movie actress with A list name recognition was on a drug and booze binge last weekend. Out of control. She had gone to see a movie and was boozing and snorting during the entire movie. Afterwards she did pass her keys to the friend she was with. They made their way to the car, but the key would not work. Thinking there was something wrong with the remote, they tried the actual key. It didn’t work. Our actress then took off her heel and smashed the drivers side window until it broke. It was only then they realized they had been trying to get into the wrong car. Security and then the police and then the owner came. Our actress avoided going to jail by passing over some cash, a photo and an autograph. If she had been arrested, the coke would have probably put her wholesome image to the test.
This one seems impossible as a heel will not break a car window. I think they took Kristen Stewart's wrong car story and edited it to beat jesus. Having said that, I'll just pretend it's Anne Hathaway.

Water Play in the Bathtub
PopBitch – A strange and sordid rumour has been going around Soho that which wholesome, well-fed and happily married TV star picked up a cute young gay so that he could piss on him in the bathtub. Careful now, loose lips (and tongues) sink ships!
Gordon Ramsay Jamie Oliver

Married Oscar Winner Likes It Rough
VillageVoice – Which married Oscar winner gets regularly serviced by a female d*minatrix in a West Village b*rdello?
Woody Allen

I wonder if Anne will become the new Dakota and become the answer for every blind item.



*Insert Marilyn Monroe .gif here*

to everyone debating over Marilyn Monroe:

Dame Elizabeth Taylor is so disappointed that everyone is fighting when there is Jimmy Dean's hot ass to drool over.

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