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The Pipettes release new video & single details

Hello there!

We are officially back and we are ready to show you exactly what it is we’ve been up to the past couple of years. The first single from our new album will be released on April 19th on our favourite label Fortuna POP! It’s called ‘Stop The Music’ and today is a special day for us because we are premiering our new video on our new website. It’s all new! (By the way, will be redirecting here for a few days whilst we sort out our hosting, but no need to change your bookmarks.)

Hope you like it! As we promised, we have many formats available for you. These include:

CD Single

Stop The Music
So I’ll Say Goodbye
Our Love Was Saved By Spacemen
Who Made You The Doctor?
Stop The Music (Justus Kohncke, Kompakt Remix)

Click here to pre-order the CD

Limited edition Red 7″

Stop The Music
Who Made You The Doctor?

Click here to pre-order the 7″

Plus if you download from iTunes you get all of these, plus the exclusive Stop The Music (Will Eastman Club Remix). Yaaaay!!

Also, don’t forget, we will be on the road to promote ‘Stop The Music’. Here is a link in pink to all the dates and tickets.

Oh, and one last thing, we will be doing an in-store at Pure Groove, London at 1:15pm on April 20th. All the details can be found on their website

Thanks for hanging in there and being patient while we got this record together. We don’t think it will disappoint! Hopefully see you on tour!

Lots of love

The Pipettes xxx


It just doesn't work with only two of them :(
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