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Remember when Lindsay went to India?

Lindsay Lohan poses with children affected by trafficking as BBC defend hiring her to front documentary

She certainly wasn't the first celebrity name to spring to mind when linked with the filming of a documentary about child trafficking in India.
But Lindsay Lohan appeared to have thrown herself into the project wholeheartedly as she posed with a young child who may have benefited from her very public intervention.
However BBC bosses have been forced to defend The Mean Girls actress, who is as well known for her partying lifestyle as her film work.

Caring: Lindsay Lohan posed with one of the children she met on her controversial visit to India last December

Newly released pictures show one of the highest profile members of young Hollywood dressed simply in a black dress and shawl, very little make-up and looking to all intents and purposes like a woman on a mercy mission.
Actress Lohan, who is primarily known for her partying lifestyle, visited India last December to make a BBC documentary about poverty stricken women and children in the country.
Lohan’s trip to India caused controversy at the time after she falsely claimed she had rescued 40 child workers.
At the time she tweeted: 'Over 40 children saved so far, within one day's work.
'This is what life is about.... Doing THIS is a life worth living!!! Oh, and I'm talking about being in India.'

New best friend: The little boy appears to have become quite attached to LiLo

Sister of mercy: Lindsay keeps the women and children she met at a charity home entertained

But according to activists leading the raids, Lohan did not arrive in India until after the raids had been completed and the children had been rescued.
A BBC spokesman said at the time that there had been a 'misinterpretation'.
During the whistlestop tour Lindsay visited the SANLAAP (women and children's charity) home in Kolkata and will also visited local hospitals to give toys to sick children.
The star said the trip was the 'most amazing time of my life' and mentioned the work of Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood Movement), a charity which works against child trafficking.

Defence: BBC bosses rushed to defend using the actress - who is well known for her party lifestyle- to front the documentary

Danny Cohen, BBC3's channel controller, defended the use of Hollywood actress to front the investigative documentary.
He told Radio Times: 'Finding a celebrity who genuinely cares about the issue really helps pull in a crowd that wouldn’t otherwise switch on. But you have to be careful.
'If you get a rent-a-celeb, this audience can spot it a mile off. I’ve turned down more celebrity-led documentaries than I’ve put on the channel.'

Concerned: Lindsay interviews the mother of a trafficked girl

And the documentary's director Maninderpal Sahota, rushed to defend accusations that local children were being used as an accessory to help rebrand Lohan’s fading celebrity.
Sahota said: 'It’s clearly not comparable, but I think as a result of working in an adult world since she was ten, she feels childhood is precious, and when you lose one you can never replace those years.
'She behaved perfectly throughout – she slept in the same hotels, travelled in the same cars, just asked the right questions and clearly empathised with the children in a way hardened reporters might struggle to have done.

'Most people in rural villages in India have absolutely no idea who Lindsay Lohan is... When we finished, we had to race to the airport chased by paparazzi.
'That’s not the kind of thing you get if you work with Michael Buerk.'
But Radio Times still slammed the documentary as 'a crass pairing even though her presence will no doubt double the audience for the issue.'
And the publication were not able to interview concerned Lohan personally, as they wrote: 'Our attempts foundered when her personal assistant asked what the fee would be.'

Party girl: Lindsay at Milan Fashion Week last month

Village life: Lindsay posted this picture on Twitter from India

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