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Angela Simmons Defends Hate Against JoJo And Says She’s SINGLE Dammit!

Angela Simmons is such a good sister! The second Simmons daughter spoke out on Twitter about the rumors and hate that has come against her little brother JoJo.

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Tweeps were going hard on JoJo after the news of his little brother Diggy being signed to Atlantic Records, saying things ranging from “he must feel like the rap gene skipped him”, to “must feel like the rest of the Jacksons when Michael went solo.”

To defend her brother, Angela decided to speak out on her UStream channel last night about her brother being a trending topic on Twitter (#jojomustfeellike), and also took the opportunity as fans asked questions to dispel rumors.

When asked about how she felt about people laughing at JoJo not being signed but his little brother Diggy getting a deal, Angie said:
“People need to stop trying to create a competition between my siblings. Trust me if one of us make it we are all happy. Haters out there have nothing better to do with their life than talk about someone else’s, instead criticizing our life, why don’t you try to get your own.”
She also answered questions about who she is dating…

You can read the rest of the interview here.
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