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Greg Brady Dumped Girlfriend With A Legal Letter...After They Had Sex

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For the first time, the ex-girlfriend of the Brady Bunch’s Barry Williams is exposing exactly what happened the night he broke up with her. And in this exclusive video interview, you’ll learn that the breakup involved diamond earrings, ATM withdrawals -- and Peter Brady!

Elizabeth Kennedy, 31, said everything was fine the morning of December 11, 2009. She and 55-year-old Barry even had sex. Then she says she was blindsided. “He told me he was going down the car to get his cellphone and instead he let his lawyer in,” she told

“And so I was out on the patio and the next thing I know -- I look up and there’s Joan Daniels (Barry’s attorney). And she tells me that I have 10 minutes to put my shoes on, hand over my keys and get out of the house.

“So when I read these things that have been printed since -- that were said 'Miss Kennedy is no longer living at the house' or 'she moved out' or whatever. I think ‘moved out’ is not exactly how it happened. I was ‘thrown out’.

“She was handed a document that said “you unlawfully, and without any permission, authorization, authority or knowledge of Mr. Williams withdrew from his accounts, and used for your own puproses more than $29,000, on various occasions during the past six (6) months.”

Then it went on to say, “Mr. Williams has instructed us to advise you that he is immediately terminating the personal relationship, which you and he have enjoyed.”

That’s right: Greg Brady broke up with Elizabeth with a legal letter.

Elizabeth doesn’t dispute the charges, but says Barry gave her permission to spend his money -- after all they had been dating and living together for almost 4 years. Barry also got a temporary restraining order against her claiming she wielded a knife against him -- a charge she denies. The TRO has since been dismissed.

Elizabeth says the real reason Barry got the TRO was to go through her personal belongings and take back a pair of $5,000 earrings. “He grabbed my blue lockbox which contained my passport, my diamond earrings which he had given me for my 30th birthday... If it were an engagement ring I would given it back gladly but it was a birthday present and they were mine.”

That morning when she left the condo for the last time, she said “I was absolutely hysterical... I could hardly breath.” And she turned to another Brady, Peter. She called Christopher Knight’s wife Adrianne Curry, whom she counted among her best friends.

“I called Adrianne Curry and she said ‘Gosh get over here’ and ‘You need to come over and we’ll talk whatever.’ I was on my way over and she called back and said 'I talked to Chris and cleared it with him. He said You’re more than welcome to stay the weekend. You can have the guest bedroom,'” Elizabeth told “They’ve always been wonderful to me. We’ve always had a great relationship and gotten along very well.”

It’s been three months since Elizabeth’s relationship with Barry ended and she sees things differently with the passing of time but still struggles.

“I think in some ways, the universe was pushing me to do what I needed to do, to really move on,” she said. “And that’s been impossible for me to do since this happened. Because I don’t know how to shut love off like a faucet and I loved him with all of me. I’m a big girl I could have handled the we’re over conversation and handled it with grace and he didn’t give me that respect”

In an effort to move on, Elizabeth has started dating someone new: S. Scott Conner, a talk show host, who's working on a syndication deal.

Source (there's a video interview with the girlfriend at the source if anyone cares, but the gist of it is in the article)

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Please let this turn into Greg Brady vs. Peter Brady...
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