Tila supports Chris Brown?

Just when we thought Twitter was safe from Tequila-herpes, Tila comes back - ostensibly to pimp her up-coming "Celebrity Blog." This Twitter account has been confirmed as authentic on her hotspot site.

About 21 hours ago, she posts this ... and at the time of posting, still hasn't deleted it:

She's clearly so desperate for publicity, ANY publicity, that she'll crawl up the ass of the man about whom she once said ... all of this.

... Not content to insult fertility-challenged women and women who have suffered from miscarriages with her rants, she adds women who have been the victims of domestic violence to the list. Never mind the fact that she herself was allegedly abused by Shawne Merriman. Stay classy, Tila.

This tweet from Tila's new Twitter account, Tila's hotspot site and whocelebstweet.com's record of what was tweeted by Tila to Chris Brown's old @mechanicaldummy account.