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Tacky Idea is Tacky

March 8 - Jason Mraz was one of the many celebrities who attended Elton John's 18th annual Oscar Viewing Party in West Hollywood last night. Wearing his trademark hat and a gray suit, Mraz not only brought a date, but also a proposal for the party's host, Elton John.

When touring the San Diego LGBT Community Center last week,
Jason revealed that he was hoping to discuss a possible collaboration with Elton John on what he described as an “Ebony and Ivory of the times, for equality.” For those too young to remember, Paul McCartney teamed up with Stevie Wonder back in the 1980s for a song about racial harmony and equality called "Ebony and Ivory."

Jason Mraz's idea would bring the heterosexual community together with the gay and lesbian community in support of the rights of gays to legally marry. Mraz has been a vocal supporter of marriage equality for gays, as expressed through his online journal, and even at one of his 2008 concerts in Los Angeles when he urged people to vote "NO" on Proposition 8.

Abby Schwartz, a coordinator at the San Diego LGBT Community Center, told GLTNewsNow.com, "Jason realizes he has a platform that many do not and wants to use it to share a message of love, acceptance and equality for all.” No word on whether Elton John would be interested in the idea.


Why do you need to have a gay person in your song to make a song about equality? Maybe you should study up on Bob Dylan bro. This song idea just makes me think of:

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