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Sidney Crosberry

Gabourey Sidibe on Gerard Butler: "I'd Hit That"

Gabourey Sidibe met Gerard Butler for the first time on Saturday night and things didn’t go exactly as she wanted.

“I bumped into him yesterday. I feel like I stepped on his foot,” she said.

But on Sunday, while being interview by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on the Oscars red carpet, her second meeting with Gerard became forever memorable.

“He’s kinda sexy,” Gabourey told Billy, as she saw Gerard again, standing to her left, just out of earshot. “I’d hit that.”

And as Gerard leaned in to shake her hand, Billy asked Gabby if he really heard her correctly.

“I kinda said, ‘I’d hit that.’ I’m not ashamed,” she said as Gerard heard her words for the first time, reacting with a shock of delight. “I’d hit that. I’m sorry.”

“I’m here, I’m available,” Gerard said after he composed himself from the proposition from the Best Actress nominee. “Let’s go!”’

“Let’s grab a bottle of champagne and see where the night goes,” Gabourey replied.

You go girl!


LMAO I love this girl!
Tags: gabourey sidibe, gerard butler
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