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More pics from Doctor Who filming


This post will KILL your dialup and contains spoilers for Episode 11, written by Gareth Roberts, which has been filming this past week.

For those who don't know already: this ep is apparently called "The Lodger" and is based on a DW comic strip where the TARDIS materializes on Earth, kicks out the Doctor and dematerializes with the companion still inside. The TARDIS is somehow shunted forward about a week, leaving the Doctor to stay with someone on Earth while he waits for it to catch up. During this time, he hangs out with James Corden and plays a game of football, among other things!

Looks like Eleven inherited some of Five's love of sport

big shock, lol

Time Lord hair defies gravity


taking a peek, and getting kicked out

clips of footballer!Doctor

"what a game!" :)

more pics at the sources: Scooty and mugimoe via GallifreyBase

videos by skarofighter2 and mugimoe on Youtube

So fucking excited for this series/episode, omg. Less than a month, you guys! :D
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