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Jessica Simpson Brought to Tears by Anorexic Model Isabelle Caro

Jessica Simpson appeared on 'Oprah' on Wednesday, where she discussed her anger with John Mayer for calling her his "sexual napalm," revealed that her infamous "mom jeans" were actually a size 4, and promoted her new VH1 show "The Price of Beauty."

In one clip that makes the show look pretty interesting, Simpson and her best friends Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb travel to Paris to meet former model Isabelle Caro, who suffers from a severe case of anorexia. Caro made headlines when, at 62 pounds, she posed nude for an anti-anorexia billboard.

Caro said that a designer told her she needed to lose ten pounds if she wanted to model. A few years ago she was in a coma and was expected to die, but now she's started eating little by little, she says. Caro is now trying to pass a law in Parliament saying that you can't model if you're too skinny. Jessica, who was brought to tears by her story, told Caro "To us, what you're doing right now makes you one of the most beautiful people that we have ever seen."

After watching the clip, which brought her to tears again, Simpson tells Oprah "It makes me very emotional because just the pressure that women feel to be thin or to be beautiful--the pressure that the media puts on women--is so unfair and so disgusting."

Video at the source>> Huffington Post

I'm not sure how I feel about her comparing her "plight" with that of Isabelle who is clearly VERY sick, but she still has a point. Even little throwaway bitchy comments about weight can have a huge impact.

Oh and the billboard if you haven't seen it...

*EDIT: Tinypic, shockingly, doesn't seem to like that pic. Click here to see, bbs.*

Google this lady at your own discretion... :-(
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