Johnny Depp & Tim Burton on Jonathan Ross

Like Scorsese and DeNiro and DiCaprio, Burton and Depp are close creative collaborators.

In the March 5 episode, award-winning director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp join Jonathan to discuss their successful 20-year film career together and new movie Alice in Wonderland, one of seven movies they’ve collaborated on.

Burton jokes their relationship works because Depp has never seen any of their films together. And Depp comments, “I prefer to walk away with the experience” - however he might go see Alice in Wonderland.

When asked why Burton decided to recreate the classic fable, he says, “If this story was written now, it would be mind-blowing even’s been such an inspiration for musicians and artists...[Alice in Wonderland] is in the subconscious of everyone.”

And Depp reveals an inner look into his Mad Hatter character – “someone who is touched by madness but confused by the madness as well...we were trying to turn him into some kind of human mood ring.”

Depp also reveals that before the Pirates of the Caribbean
franchise he wasn’t a popular choice for leading man, “they used to call me box office poison” but confirms there will be a fourth Pirates movie.

Burton and Depp said they’ll continue to work together including a new project, Dark Shadows which Depp calls a “gothic soap opera.”

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