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There was a huge disagreement between GaGa and Q magazine over the theme of the shots. They settled on the dildo shots and then there was disagreements with the lighting. GaGa then left to go to her room in the studio.

She emerged crying wearing sunglasses and said how she just got a call from her record label about the marketing of The Fame Monster which she disagreed with (Interview/Photoshoot took place in Late October/Early November).

She told the Q crew she had to leave immediently to have talks about the marketing and that the photoshoot would have to be continued at a later date. However it wasn’t.

"Y'know, we always laugh when we get to some major magazine and they're like [high-camp voice], So, the art direction of the shoot is: we want the world to see the real you. And I'm sitting there thinking, These fucking people don't get it at all. At all. It's mind-blowing to me. That's like saying [whispers conspiratorially], We know you're full of shit. But it's fine, we get it. So let's cut out the bullshit for one shoot.

"But you don't really want to get to know me or photograph my soul, you want to do some version of what you think I am and then expose something that you believe is hidden. When the truth is, me and my big fucking dick are all out there for you. But I'm not angry, I'm laughing. The joke is not on me, it's on you."