Work In Progress Trailer for Disney's "Tangled" Leaks!

A very rough draft of the trailer for Disney's "Tangled", aka "Rapunzel", has been leaked online. After hearing stories of people being shown this trailer after filling out entertainment survey's about the title change, someone managed to capture it and put it on youtube for us all to enjoy.

Keep in mind that the trailer is mostly in storyboard and rough animation, so it will give you an idea of the animation, but since all the animation is unrendered we won't know much about the actual look of the film untill the finished trailer or teaser is released (which is rumored to happen with the release of the "Princess and the Frog" dvd). The trailer does offer us our first look at new characters Pascal, Rapunzel's sidekick pet chameleon and her white horse Maximus.

Also, Disney insiders have stated that the trailer is putting more focus on the comedy aspect and the male character named Flynn Rider but that the actual movie is much more a classic Disney fairytale with the focus on Rapunzel and her journey. The movie will also feature original new songs by Alan Menken, so disregard this trailer's soundtrack as it's for the trailer only. So don't let the marketing fool you.

embedding is enabled so view the trailer by clicking here !!!LINK UPDATED!!!