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The "truth" behind Liz Lee.

Some bro who went to school with Liz had a blog up revealing the "truth" about her. It's been taken down, but the wonders of Google Cache brought us some good shit. Seeing as 99% of ONTD hates her, I thought everyone would get a good laugh from this.

So after viewing the first few episodes of the new series My Life as Liz on MTV, I really need to put something on paper (or in this case online) about how inaccurate and incorrect “Liz” is about Burleson, TX and nearly everything else she talks about in her various ramblings during the program.

First and foremost, Liz was never an outcast in school and even after she joined what she now calls her “nerd herd” she retained her status as one of the cool kids. No one ever harassed her or mocked her the way she claims in the show, and in many ways she was snobbier than the status quo in high school (we shall return to this idea later).

Second, she didn’t leave the “popular” crowd because she had some wonderful revelation about being a free spirit and breaking the mold that society puts on people. In fact, she joined her “new” group because that was the hip way for her to remain cool after she was betrayed by her other friends. The whole time she knew how to play her cards correctly and in many ways was simply bored of the “dumb blonde” thing. Thus, her newfound glory and popularity would be found with the pseudo-Indie scene, even though she knows little about the lifestyle itself and merely used it to be trendy.

Third, Liz herself is very spoiled and thoroughly enjoys looking down on her town and anyone who isn’t on “her level.” Besides her MacBook Pro, iPhone, and cell phone, Liz convinced her parents to let her go to art school in Manhattan. Of course, art school in Texas just wasn’t acceptable. Thus, her sense of entitlement and lack of humility apparently still shine through.

Fourth, the show itself is completely off-base with reality. Not only is it not real, but it isn’t even based in reality. Of course, Liz has attempted to craftily go around the question of whether her show is a reality show or not by giving cryptic answers such as “I really do hate Cory with every fiber of my being” and “I really do love Star Wars with every fiber of my being.” So, she never really answers the question and for those of us who know her we can see right through it.

Now, it would be one thing for her to be portraying things through her eyes and giving a certain viewpoint to a situation; however these scenes and reenactments and downright deceitful and untrue. I can handle giving one’s side of the story. I can’t handle knowingly misrepresenting the facts for one’s benefit. In fact, here are some example already of where things are falsely portrayed or where she lies:

- During the Cupid Dance, they made us all vacate the dance floor while they filmed her for that scene. None of that was a natural high school dance and was completely staged for dramatic effect. In fact, they kept telling certain people to move to different spots to get better angles for their shots as to “not ruin their plan.” Again, this is an example of how the show was plotted out well in advance. You will also see this again during Prom, if they choose to use the footage they shot during that event.

- Liz and Taylor are friends and have always been friends and this whole “struggle” between them is a fictional struggle in order to get an increased “drama” in the series. This was always the plan and everyone saw right through it while they were filming.

- Burleson is a large town and is close to Fort Worth. The population has increased by almost 15,000 people since the last census and we have close to 35,000 residents. Aside from this, we are within close proximity to Fort Worth and other outlying towns near Fort Worth, so we draw from a population of well near 1,000,000 people. Tourists and other Texans come here to shop at the megaplex mall we have near us and even the “Old Town” that Liz claims represents the archaic nature of the town is newly constructed and designed to look old.

- Liz actually does not really know that much about Star Wars. In fact, she only started learning about it after she found out it was one of the things that nerds cling to as a sacred symbol of being a nerd. Example – she did not know who Luke Skywalker is.

Fifth, drawing from my earlier statement that Liz is a snob and bratty, most people in high school who had the unfortunate opportunity to meet her will overhelmingly tell you that she was just as rude and demeaning as Cory Cooper if not worse. Whether it was her judgmental attitude or the way she would brush everyone off who did not conform to her idea of worthiness (ironic considering the premise of her show), Liz was quite the mean girl. In fact, I am willing to pose that other people who knew her during high school can and will attest to this fact hands-down.

Finally, and this is the real kicker here… Liz was, and probably still is, a drug addict. Yes, the person who claims to the be righteous woman who represents the nerds and geeks of the world can’t even stay on the wagon. Now, I should say that I personally don’t care if people use recreational drugs or alcohol, but Liz was more than your occasional user. I should also point out that Liz was into much harder drugs than your typical drug user, and yes I can verify all of this with my own observations.

So, at this point you might be asking, “Why would you write all of this about Liz? What is your beef with her and why spend the time doing all this?” I write this because unlike Liz, I was an actual nerd in high school and she absolutely does not represent us or Burleson in ANY way, shape, or form. Not all the nerds hate Burleson and not all of us are that quick to judge the others around us. In fact, most of us never even considered Liz a nerd. So while she goes on this tirade about how horrible high school and Burleson and everyone else is, she reflects no moral values or integrity in her own life.

What makes Liz Lee worse than your normal television persona is that she claims to represent a group of people and then disrespects everything that the group stands for. She is just riding the trend to become popular and famous, just as she has always done. Being a non-conformist is what is “in” right now, and I’m sure she will play that as long as she can. The good thing for us real nerds is that her show might not last too long, as it only pulled in 902,000 viewers (compared to 4.8 million for the last episode of Jersey Shore, 57.9 million for the NFC Championship Game, and 4.7 million for The O’Reilly Factor).

So, you can call me an angry red neck or trailer trash, a venting nerd, or a hater… it really doesn’t matter. The fact is I am not on MTV spouting off on others while I secretly am the biggest hypocrite of them all.

What really matters is that the truth about Liz Lee comes out. Liz Lee truly is a lying, manipulative drug addict who will do anything in the moment for attention and popularity. Her parents spoil her and got her a show on MTV and into art school in New York. Liz has done nothing for herself and will judge others on a whim. It’s too bad that society rewards that in 2010…

There's also some nonsense going around from Cori saying that Liz was pregnant when she was 16/17, but who knows how real that is...

ETA: She's a girl who has her own "reality" show on MTV. Tries too hard to be a quirky indie chick, and is a massive fail.

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