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Project Runway's Irina Shabayeva debuts collection at Fashion Week

Irina Shabayeva, winner of season 6 of Project Runway, so-called "Meana-Irina", and possible plagiarizer of New York Magazine, debuted her first post-Project Runway collection at Fashion Week in New York City this week.

From the press release:

Shabayeva's Fall collection is a delicate balance between the ethereal and the industrial while incorporating materials from Tupperware® – one of America's most beloved brands and the winner of numerous design awards, including several prestigious Red Dot Awards. This unusual collaboration inspired Shabayeva to create looks that manipulate plastic into modern day ready to wear. She will debut five pieces using Tupperware® materials, in addition to many accessories on the runway.

Inspired by the evolution of flight, the Fall collection will pay homage to The Da Vinci Glider, Amelia Earhart, and wings from our most natural fliers – exotic birds from around the world.

"This collection is about the fantasy of flight and liberation," said Shabayeva. "It's about finding what liberates you." "When we saw Irina on Project Runway, we were simply in awe of her of talent and vision," said Tupperware Brands' Chairman and CEO Rick Goings. "As a company that has long been focused on innovative design, we're thrilled to work with someone who is so forward-thinking and whose work is inspiring and empowering."

Highlights from the Fall collection include intricate hand-painted prints, feather dresses and custom made hats. One of Shabayeva's signatures is mixing exotics with clean silhouettes, so look for luxurious fabrications with flawless tailoring. Hand-knit sweater coats will be paired with cut-out leathers, wool and elegant fur trims. The finale will be a flutter of feathers, hand-beaded embellishments and embroidery.

source photos are from wireimage.com, via projectrungay.

What do you think ONTD? Is it real or fake fur? Can you see the ~*~tupperware~*~ anywhere in the dresses? Are the feather prints gift shop tacky or totally innovative?

eta a different source says the fur is real.
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