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Jessica Alba in 'Scarlet' Magazine

The best thing about being famous:
“Making lots of money has made me happy. No one else helped me - I’ve done this all by my self, on my own terms. My dad’s also turned his real-estate business round and doing really well, and my brother acts, models and does mortgages, so we’ve all come up in the world. Anyone out there who gets bullied should realise that they can take control of their lives and succeed”.

Describing her ideal man:
“I go for a shy, nerdy type of guy, and I always prefer older men. I’m pretty wary of really good-looking guys and actually, as an actress, you work with so many men, you become completely immune. Deep down it’s probably because they were always the ones who ignored me when I was younger. I feel much more at home with normal, regular guys. Older men are much more comfortable within their skin and are out to prove less”.

On doing a nude scene:
“No, i’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked. I think I was always very uncomfortable about the way my body developed, and I remember my grandmother would freak out and throw a towel over me if she saw me wearing just a bra and panties. I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn’t seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off”.

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