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rihanna... innocent girelman or swagger jacker.

to get the gist of this post... we have to go way back. back to when rihanna hadnt gotten mowed down by prince chris brown... back to when rihanna was a wholesome girl with a man body and no personality what so ever.

it as at this time the greatest radio single of our generation was playing everywhere... a lil single called ~paper planes~ by M.I.A.

cut to rihanna on a jet to jamaica...

this is the exact moment when riri said "imma jack this bitches look".

then rihanna thought she was cute when she decided to "cover" paper planes on her boring tour.

this is when she really wanted to channel her inner MIA. she was tired of sucking a dick for a track.

fast forward to today.

the video for her single rudeboy comes out and causes a ruckus on ONTD.

and it's then that we realize... hey that video looks familiar.

why it looks like the M.I.A. video for BOYZ.

even diplo (the producer) chimed in to the obvious comparison.

with all that said... i'm gonna let the evidence speak for itself. what do you all think? rihanna swagger jackin like usual? or just pure coincidence?

artemis i'm out.

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