Sorry folks, Dina Lohan's "Shoe-Han"s are off

In October last year, Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan made headlines with the announcement that she was partnering up with Long Island-based shoe company to launch (and become the national spokesperson for) her very own footwear line called “Shoe-Han” which was slated to be ready by Mother’s Day 2010.

“Love My Shoes regrets to announce we are not moving forward with the Dina Lohan line of shoes at this time due to continued economic sluggishness and the prevalent mood of today’s shoppers,” a rep from the company told us. “Love My Shoes and its President, Robert Yeganeh, wish Dina continued success in all her projects.”

But according to a rep for Lohan’s shoes, the star mom is still determined to accessorize your feet.

“There was a miscommunication over finances, this was too local and we need a larger partner,” said the rep. “We are currently exploring other options, and we will have another announcement soon.”

Fox via CrazyDaysAndNights.Net

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