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Attention all Bikini Kill fans!

revolution grrl style now.

Do you remember where you were when you first heard Bikini Kill? I remember seeing them way back in the early 90’s at CBGB’s and thought they brought to mind X-Ray Spex and The Runaways, and I was like, "wow, who are these girls?!" Bikini Kill and their label, Kill Rock Stars wants you to share your memories and post them here:

Message from the label:
We are collecting stories of how people got into the band/shows they saw/memories/testimonials etc.

It would be awesome if you wanted to contribute. It doesn't have to be fancy or well-worded, we'd just like you to leave a record of your experience and get an idea of what Bikini Kill means to you. Maybe it's your reaction to a song we wrote, something weird that happened at one of our shows, a personal anecdote or just WHATEVER. Send yr story to and we will post it or just leave a comment somewhere on the site. You can also send us images to post.

Please help us spread the word. To document the history (or herstory) of the band it is necessary to include an oral history from "the fans." We say fans for lack of a better word--a more expansive term would be inclusive of friends, peers, comrades, co-conspirators and imply participation rather than an audience separate from the band--which is what we hope to achieve with this interactive approach.

So does this mean they planning a documentary? I hope so! Oh and that reminds me, did you know that Kathleen Hannah has a blog? I’ve been reading it for a few months and of course its friggin’ awesome, filled with links to cool female artists, random 80’s videos, and a (much deserved) penchant for harshing on pink Uggs-in other words, perfection.


PS - Sorry mods. I don't know why LJ submitted this post three times.
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