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Random casting news

On this Tuesday, lots of female casting bites are hitting the net:

First, Rachel Weisz has found her next gig. Variety reports that she's signed on to star with Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts in Jim Sheridan's Dream House. Craig and Weisz play a couple who move from Gotham to a New England town, and then discover that a mother and her two children were murdered in their new home. Watts plays the neighbor who knew the family, and Toronto is standing in for New England as production kicked off on Sunday.

And the rest of the goodies come from a post over at Deadline Hollywood Daily:

Cate Blanchett has signed onto Hanna, the Saoirse Ronan film that just cast Eric Bana. There's no mention of who she will play, but the film focuses on a CIA-bred killer 14-year-old girl "hellbent on finding her father, and uses the survival skills she learned from him on anybody who gets in her way."

Amber Tamblyn, meanwhile, has grabbed a starring lead opposite James Franco in Danny Boyle's 127 Hours. You know -- the story of the man who got his arm caught whilst rock climbing and had to saw it off himself to survive. Tamblyn will play his girlfriend in memories that get him through the ordeal.

Finally, we've got our Jane Eyre. Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) has signed, after circling the production last November with Michael Fassbender. As for the Fish Tank star, there hasn't been official word following last year's announcement, but he seems to be signed on, which probably means a no-go for Wuthering Heights and Andrea Arnold. But it does allow him to get his May-December groove on again, moving from a young character named Mia who falls for him in Fish Tank, to all-out romance with the next youngin' Mia in Jane Eyre.

I'd rather see Fassy as Mr. Rochester, myself--Heathcliff's become sort of cliche, especially thanks to Twilight. :P
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