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MmMmpapi.. Hollywood's Hairiest Actors

With 'The Wolfman' terrorizing its way into theaters Friday, we couldn't help but wonder whether or not the film's producers really needed to shell out for all those expensive CGI effects on Benicio Del Toro. We're in a recession, after all, and there are plenty of actors in Hollywood who are more than hairy enough to fit the 'Wolfman' bill without all the costly add-ons.

Robin Williams

The godfather of Hollywood Hairiness, Robin Williams has been in the game for nearly four decades and is still going strong. Forget the Oscar and the Golden Globe awards; Williams' greatest achievement might be making it into the Urban Dictionary lexicon: a noun signifying "an exceptionally hairy person, usually a guy." Hair on, Robin!

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is without a doubt the most prolific Baldwin brother and probably the hairiest as well. Even the most casual of Baldwin Google searches will ultimately take you to a strange world of fandom and devotion for his epically hairy chest. Try it for yourself, but don't say we didn't warn you.

Tom Selleck

So many people focus on Mr. Selleck's propensity for growing world-class mustaches that they often forget that the man is just as follicly endowed everywhere else (minds out of the gutter, please). Selleck's no one-trick pony, but he's probably just as furry.

Chuck Norris

Same Selleck principle goes for Chuck Norris as well -- if you weren't so busy focusing on his sheer awesomeness, then you'd definitely know by now that he's one hairy ninja.

Burt Reynolds

Though his face may be a little unrecognizable these days, there's no denying the hairy chest is still all Burt.

Sean Connery

The baddest Scot in the game, Sean Connery is the prototype for a leading man brazen enough to drive an Aston Martin unscathed through a literal minefield, dismantle a bomb set to destroy the world and still get the girl -- au naturale of course. Who has time for manscaping when you're James Bond?

Hugh Jackman

After three 'X-Men' movies and a one-mutant spin-off, it's hard to imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman filling out those Wolverine mutton chops.

David Hasselhoff

Little known fact: a lock David Hasselhoff's chest hair sells for about €75 in Germany ($102 U.S.).

Steve Carrell

And we'll leave you with one of the more memorable manscaping moments in recent history -- Steve Carrell's hysterical adventures in waxing from 'The 40 Year Old Virgin.'

Thank you for your time, have some bonus Hoff

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