So Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are engaged.....

It looks like that suspicious tweet from one of Kim Kardashian's friends Friday night claiming that she and Reggie Bush got engaged at Miami restaurant Prime 112 this past Friday night was indeed TRUE!

Our source, who was in Miami for the Super Bowl festivities, tells YBF that the owner of the restaurant himself, Myles Chefetz, confirmed it last night.

Owner Myles (who also owns Nemo, Prime Italiano, and 2 other Miami restaurants) made his “check on the patrons” rounds to all the tables last night as many owners do.  When he stopped at his friend Ludacris‘ table where our source was sitting, Myles told the table that Reggie and Kim had just gotten engaged on Friday!

Mr. Chefetz even dished the details to Luda’s table:  Reggie popped the question in a private corner of the restaurant with both his and Kim’s family there.

In the pics of the couple leaving the restaurant Friday, it was obvious that Kim was hiding her left hand. And Reggie was even caught checking her hand, possibly to see if it was covered.  Kim “publicity hog” Kardashian keeping this a secret is a miracle.  But she’s likely holding off on officially announcing the news because it’s her Super Bowl champ man’s time to shine.  Or she’s just holding off for the highest bidder to pay her for the full story.

Either way, looks like Kim’s much expressed wish has come true.  Maybe Kim’s second time getting married will be the charm. Congrats to the couple.