Angelina Jolie - PR Whoring with the Haitian disaster.


After attending the Super Bowl on Sunday, Angelina Jolie hopped on a plane and headed to the Dominican Republic to meet with hospitalized Dominican Republic earthquake victims.

The actress/humanitarian toured the hospital — which houses dozens of survivors from the January 12 earthquake — and spoke with several patients.

A spokesman for the Dario Contrera Hospital in the capital of Santo Domingo told reporters: “She spoke with several children and a Haitian woman who recognized her and requested help.”

Angelina — who is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency — was joined by Gonzalo Vargas Llosa, a representative of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and the son of Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa.

Does Ms. Jolie not realize how disgusting her obvious PR whoring is? First off, where was she at the Haitian telethon that was organized by George Clooney, you know the telethon that raized approx $100million dollars?? Oh right, she was at a photo shoot. Or better yet, she realized that the telethon would not be about her so why not wait until she can command the most exposure. And what better time than after the show they put on at the Superbowl.  And after this visit, and having her picture taken, she will return to her black out SUV with bodyguards and will fly back to the US on her private jet. Other celebs who have been in Haiti ACTUALLY HELPING out without any photo ops include John Travolta, and Sean Penn. Mother Teresa you are not WHORElie, go back to your rubber sheets and sex toy games with that voice coach. She needs a new shtick because all her stunts are transparent.