Amelia Heinle (amelia_heinle) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amelia Heinle

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts voted sexiest redhead ever

Nicola Roberts has beaten stars including Lindsay Lohan, supermodel Lily Cole and Florence Welch to be voted The Sexiest Red Head of All Time.

The flame-haired Girls Aloud star has often been lambasted for her unusual appearance, but her Number One spot has proved that she has Something Kinda Ooooh.

Prince Harry was voted the sexiest man in the category and shockingly, former sexpot Lindsay Lohan has plummeted all the way down to number 10, below Desperate Housewives cougar Marcia Cross.

The nationwide poll of IMAX movie buffs was conducted to promote new movie Chasing Cotards, which tells the story of a man who is grieving for his beautiful, fiery maned lover.

The Top Ten Sexiest Red Heads of All Time are:

1: Nicola Roberts

2: Prince Harry

3: Florence Welch

4: Lily Cole

5: Queen Elizabeth I

6: Geri Halliwell

7: Nicole Kidman

8: Julianne Moore

9: Marcia Cross

10: Lindsay Lohan


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