Teen Mom Gossip Y’all

Yes. You read correctly. I have gossip to report about MTV’s Teen Mom and it excites me which makes me pathetic. You know you want to hear this gossip too so you’re also pathetic so DO NOT JUDGE ME! Mmmkay?

In the wake of The Incident whereby Farrah’s mom Debra either slapped or choked the shit out of her before being confronted at gunpoint by the PoPo and hauled off to jail, it seems the only person in the family on Team Farrah is Farrah.

I was lurking around on the Television without pity forums. It seems that certain members of Farrah’s family have been on Facebook. Facebook can be a cool thing in the hands of average people who just want to network but if you put it in the hands of a volatile and completely dysfunctional family, Facebook becomes TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME!

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