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Tough Love is Tough

Please tell me I wasn't the only one to watch this show!

I was disappointed we didn't get an update at the end of the last show, and now I see there isn't a reunion either, so I went to the source to see what happened to the couples.

Oh, this is why they didn't do updates...


Which one was she? The rocker chick who was obviously desperate for fame, not love. She was also on that 'Make my Kid a Star' show.. you might remember her saying something like "what?! Is my tampon hanging out?"

"Hey guys, it’s Rocky. I am here for your dining and dancing pleasure to give you an update. I am doing really good. I am in the studio finishing up my rocking CD, as well as my daughter’s new single. And speaking of single: I still am. Jason and I saw each other a few times after boot camp, but it never got serious and I haven’t dated anyone else since the show! I miss being with a significant other. It would have been nice to ring in the New Year with my 32 animals…and a man. There’s gotta be someone out there as rocking and as crazy as I am. Other than that I have been invited to do Danny Bonaduce’s radio show, which will be quite entertaining for me since Danny Boy hasn’t stopped talking about me. Him getting rid of me [on I Know My Kid's a Star] cost him his show and I plan on telling him so. I live for moments like that.”

Recap: She and her daugher have albums coming, and oh yeah, she probably only called that guy twice to make appearances at In Touch parties for the press.


Which one was she?: The timid one with an abusive past that looked both 23 and 83 at the same time. Old people faces freak me out.

After bootcamp, David and I both decided to just be friends for now. We absolutely plan on keeping in touch and visiting each other. He will definitely be a part of my life for a very long time, but I’m not sure he was ‘the one.’ I’m still working on the lessons I learned at boot camp and making myself a better, stronger woman. Things are amazing. Busy, but amazing. I wouldn’t trade my Tough Love experience for anything in the world!
In other news, I’ve been dating a new boy for five months now. We say, ‘I love you,’ and such. He actually lives in Cali! We try to see each other every two weeks. I have a year left of nursing school and I plan on moving there at the end of school. I learned so much from the show. I still talk to Angel, Liz and Alicia all the time. We consider our selves sisters. Life has just been really great and I look forward to the good things to come and my relationship to grow even more. :)”

Recap: She found a new "boy" and says "I love you".. and such.


Which one was she? The workaholic that dressed for dates like she was going to the office and couldn't get out of the 'friend zone' with men.

“After bootcamp, I actually got my old job back and now I am back at work at my company, and I have pretty much completely put balance back into my life. I still have the same drive and work ethic I did before the show, but I know when to put Tina first. I have been more relaxed with my approach on how I handle when to I give work 100 percent and when I give Tina 100 percent. Currently, I am not dating anyone special, although I am getting out more and making an effort to keep guys out of the ‘friend zone.’ I do still chat with Quincy and plan to make a visit to San Diego early this year to visit him. I also have been selected to be in Sacramento magazine’s singles edition, which hits newsstands in February. I am hoping maybe that will help me meet my partner in crime.
Both my friends and family said they have seen such positive changes in my appearance and in my attitude. No more business women.
The best decision I have ever made for myself was going to boot camp. I am still very appreciative of everything that Steve and JoAnn did for me.”

Recap: She could have gone on 'What not to Wear' and had the same results.


Which one was she? The immature bitch that used a baby voice and an alias "London Dupri".

After boot camp, Keenan and I talked a couple of times over text messages, but he has not made any kind of attempt to see me. He claims that he is very busy with work. But in my eyes, Keenan is all bark and no bite. At the moment, I’m focusing on myself and completing my master’s degree program. I’m also in the process of purchasing a condo and starting my own businesses. My dating life is going really good. I met Kevin, a fire fighter for La County, through a mutual friend. We have been dating since November. Our relationship is going very well. And we are very happy with each other.
Tough Love boot camp changed me as individual completely. The experience made me realize a lot of different things I was doing wrong in my dating and personal life. It has made me a stronger person, and I view life in a more valuable way. When I walked into boot camp, I didn’t think Steve would be able to break me down and change me as a person. But Steve did throughout the boot camp and I’m very grateful for the experience.
P.S. London Dupri has retired for good!”

Recap: Her guy was polite on TV, but would only speak over text after the show. But hey, she's starting her own businesses. I wonder what they might be in this economy...


Which one was she? They marketed her as the 'lost a lot of weight and still sees herself as fat' girl, but I saw her as 'the nagging bitch who wouldn't try anything'. By the second to last week she was still hung up on her best friend that had zero interest, so they brought some guy she might have sat next to in Algebra in 1994 to accept her promise ring.

"I’ve been to San Francisco and seen Turner once since boot camp and things went really well, but until I move out to San Francisco permanently, there’s not really any way to see if we’ll go anywhere other than friends. I am still planning to move to San Francisco after I finish grad school in May.
I’m still glad I had the boot camp experience. It definitely made me reevaluate the way I approach men and people in general. Still working on my positivity!!! Someone told me the other day that I was bubbly and I resisted all urges to laugh. I think that’s progress. I did talk to Jeremy again…how could I not after that craziness? Nothing’s going on there and I don’t care for it to, either, but I think we understand each other better now.
Outside of my romantic life, I wound up gaining some weight during and after the show and am working on taking it off again. I’ve come to accept that I’ll have to work my entire life if I want to stay smaller. But I am trying to be more positive about myself and surrounding myself with amazing people who are helping keep me on track.”

Recap: The producers didn't want to go with a 'I give this ring to myself as a symbol of my commitment to change' storyline, so they put her through the embarrasment of giving it to a dude she has no chance of forming a relationship with, at least not any time soon.


Which one was she? The over-30 bartender that thought she was still 22, working at Coyote Ugly and dating her 20s-something patrons. She had the hardest time making a match, mostly because they kept setting her up above her league, but she had the best story on the finale. The promos showed her man pushing the ring away saying "hold on", but that's because he wanted her to put it on his finger, not a chain around his neck. He then asked her to move to Philly and live with him, and to open a bar together.

The status of Nick and I: we talk about every two weeks, and no I didn’t move to Philly. Our budding relationship kind of fizzled after boot camp.
I am currently seeing someone who lives out here (bonus) that I met through my cousin. Little Miss ‘I will never approach a guy’ grew a pair and landed this guy! My ‘guy’ is 30. That’s right folks, he is NOT 23, 24 or even 25. I have opened new doors since I have been home! We’re kinda taking things slow. Although we both want to get married and have kids, we are still getting to know each others goods and bads. Since he and I have been together, I have calmed way down with the partying. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still love going out, I just cut it way down. The best part is that he and I watch the show together. Not sure it’s his favorite, but he’s a good sport!
My feelings toward boot camp are still the same: I am so appreciative that I got to have such an amazing experience. I really think that I have learned and applied tons of stuff from boot camp, starting with all the stupid young douche bags I associated myself with are now gone!!! I love when I they text me and I really don’t give two s***s cause I know I deserve so much better! Also, although it’s not 100 percent, I have some more confidence and I’m not afraid to speak my mind anymore. It’s actually been really positive! Anyway, boot camp was and forever will be the most amazing experience I have ever had in my entire life. I can’t thank Steve and Joann enough!”

Recap: Without the pushing from her 'sorority sisters', Alicia was indecisive and lost out. Or maybe he was a freak, who knows.


Which one was she? The stereotypical southern non-belle. She wanted to marry young and ate with her bare hands. She met Dave, an ultimate fighter, early on, but broke it off when she saw him as too weak. Later he came back to win her heart, and they seemed to have a decent chance of making it.

After boot camp Dave and I left together as boyfriend and girlfriend, totally in love, or at least I thought. The first night of freedom, Dave, myself and several of the other girls went out to a local bar. Dave and I both had a little too much to drink and fought the entire night. He apologized the next day and I forgave him. The next day, I messed up and apparently was picking little stupid arguments with him the entire night, which I completely regret and apologized for but I’m sure turned him off to me. We talked on the phone for the next week and he even came and saw me in San Diego the next weekend, but ultimately, we decided to let the past be the past and remain just friends. He said things moved way too fast, which I agree with. It really sucks because I really, really cared about and wanted to be with Dave, but unfortunately, the Dave I fell for wasn’t the Dave I saw after the show.
Otherwise, things are going really well. I still live in San Diego and I’m about to move into a new house with Angel and my very serious boyfriend (that’s right boyfriend) Andy! Angel and I drove cross-country together to move her out to Cali about two weeks after the show ended and we’ve been living together ever since. I have grown so much since the show and gave up on my old ways. I put the old habits of only dating guys for their looks (big muscles, fighting careers, douchebag affliction shirts and slightly dumb, of course) away. I decided to start dating a guy for the person he really is, not just a meathead stereotype that I thought I was looking for. I’m now dating a guy that is exactly like Angel except in male form, of course. He is an absolutely hilarious, sarcastic, smart rocker guy with tattoos and a mohawk but most importantly he treats me like gold and can actually throw jokes back to me. Those are two qualities that Dave never came close to! Even though we’ve only been dating for about three months now, we’re already taking the next step and moving in together! And hopefully, who knows, maybe this one will finally give me that ring I’ve been waiting for. Yeah, yeah, I know: I still want the marriage thing, but hey, you can’t change everything I guess. But for now, life is good.”

Recap: Whatever happened between them, she blames herself for causing it and now stears clear of meatheads. ONTD CSI - please find pictures of her new 'rocker guy', I can't imagine!


Which one was she? The divaliscious drag queen who returned from season 1. Still had all the same antics, but this time brought her own match. Willy seemed to see past all her faults, and was willing to accept her if she could treat his daughter right.

“I’ve never been better in my life! Thank you for asking…xoxo! I have so many things on the table that I am very excited about. Although we remain friends, Willy and I are no longer romantically involved. I’m definitely dating…I’m currently still single, and looking for love. I’m not dating anyone exclusively, because I am keeping my options open and looking for ‘my true love.'"

Recap: Who the fuck cares, just don't ever put her on my TV screen again, please!


Which one was she? The stripper that was trying to change her life. She had the most compatible and longest match, and the only question was whether she would uproot her son to move and be with him.

“After leaving boot camp, I returned to Ohio and started bartending full time at a friend’s bar. After a couple of weeks, Liz came to Ohio and together, we moved my stuff out to San Diego! Now, I am living in Southern California with Liz and working full time at Longboards Bar and Grill. I have not set foot in a strip club since bootcamp.
Adam and I are still very much together! We are taking things very slow, and things did get a little confusing after bootcamp, but we are still working at it and are very happy. My family is talking about moving West and I am planning on going back to college to finally graduate and settle down. I still wear a flower in my hair [oh good! I was wondering about that!] and sometimes Sylvia But my life has drastically changed since boot camp and I am proud of how far I have come. I learned that what happened in my past is who I am, but what happens now is who I will be and I never want to return to that old lifestyle. Steve and JoAnn helped me a lot with that and I feel like my life can only get better from here on out.”

Recap: Steve's 1 for 9.

With a success rate like this, no wonder next season is working with already established couples.


ETA: Steve's girlfriend:

THE DIRTY ARMY: Steve Ward is pretty dirty. He’s also a cradle robber. He has this 18 year old girlfriend in philly that leeches onto him for everything. She’s awkwardly tall (taller than him) and is trying to get into modeling. He’s 26, when they met and started sleeping together she was 17. Good Job deuche bag. It’s one thing if their hot and young, but this one is just young looking.


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