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New photos of Marilyn Monroe and Carl Sandberg unveiled

Never-before-seen photographs of Marilyn Monroe talking with the poet Carl Sandberg in a New York apartment on a December afternoon shortly before her death have been unveiled today.

The pictures were taken by the photographer Len Steckler just eight months before Monroe’s death in LA in August 1962, aged 36.Monroe was meeting the poet Carl Sandberg at the New York city apartment of Len Steckler, who was a good friend of Sandberg’s.

Steckler, an illustrator who had turned to photography, had his trusty Nikon loaded with black and white film and he recorded Monroe’s visit.The majority of the images Steckler shot that day have not been published. They were kept in his private archive for over 40 years.

A total of six pieces are being placed on sale - four single images and two triptychs. These are limited editions, however, as only 250 of each will be made available for sale. The single images measure 17 inches by 22 inches, while the triptychs measure 35 inches by 14 inches. They are listed for sale at between $US1,999 and $US3,999 ($A2,312 - $A4,625). The pictures show Monroe wearing sunglasses and a short sleeve dress while talking and laughing with Sandberg. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. Provenance is established by each piece including a certificate of authenticity from collectibles dealer Eagle National Mint.

To see all six photos in bigger sizes, go to www.thevisitseries.com

The photographs are on sale online at www.eaglenationalmint.com and by phone.

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