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Sometimes a man's style needs to be appreciated

The Week in Style: 02.05.10

Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the Grammy Awards, L.A.

And you thought Tom Ford showed a lot of chest. Russell Brand
suits up for the disco.


Justin Timberlake at The Four Seasons, Beverly Hills

JT stays true to his roots, showing how to pull off a pair of
old-school    baggy jeans.


Jay-Z after the Grammys

Jay-Z hammers home the power of a three-piece suit—and shows that if you're wearing a wide-lapeled jacket, you need a heftier bow tie that'll stand up to it.

Ryan Seacrest at the Grammys

Seacrest keeps his black-tie look the way it should be: basic and clean.


Jamie Foxx at the Grammys

Crazy like a Foxx: a black jacquard, double-breasted, seven-button
jacket with a single fastener…If you can figure it out, shoot us an email.


Maxwell at the Grammys
Maxwell, meanwhile, goes with a more conventional two-button jacket—and nails it.


Ashton Kutcher on The View.

Hey Ashton, no offense, but…Just because you're on The View doesn't mean you have to dress like a girl.

John Legend at the Grammys

As usual with John Legend, everything seems to be in order…But we
have to ask, what's up with the fishnet V-neck?

Lapo Elkann at the American Museum of Natural History, New York
Lapo shows how to give even basic gray a serious jolt of style.


Mos Def at the Grammys
Mos Def keeps it old-school with a muted letterman jacket and bow tie.



Kanye West at the We Are the World Tribute to Haiti, L.A.

Kanye's gotta brand new bag.


Channing Tatum at the Dear John premiere, Hollywood
In case you're wondering what happened to Brendan Fraser's hair, here's your answer.


Usher at the Grammys

Props to Usher for the on-point pattern mixing, and for pulling off the don't-try-this-at-home white piping on the suit.

Kings of Leon at the Grammys
Memo to the IT guy on the right (a.k.a. Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill): This is the Grammys, not the Dunder Mifflin salesman of the year awards.

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