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Gaga calls Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga called Ryan Seacrest (KIIS FM) to talk about her experience at the Grammys, her upcoming tour, and her highly-anticipated video for “Telephone” featuring Beyonce.

Listen to the audio here.


Elton John/Grammys:
- Gaga's performance was inspired when she had been fantasizing about a performance art piece where she would be burned in the middle of the performance.
- Armani made Gaga 7 different outfits, she changed 4 times throughout the night.
- Gaga admits she's shy in "Hollywood scenes". She feels like she did in school, she feels like she doesn't really fit in.

The next phase:
- Gaga's already started on her 3rd album.
- The "Monster Ball" arena tour's stage is 4 times the stage of the Monster Ball U.S. tour
- The show will still be called "The Monster Ball" and is inspired by NYC
- The new show will be like a broadway production. Gaga says, "I play all of my music but it's a story. And the story is that me and my friends are in NY and we are going to The Monster Ball, but we get lost. Our car breaks down and we are having trouble getting there & I tell everyone, 'When you come to the Monster Ball it will set you free & all of the things that you don't like about yourself won't matter anymore.' And, they start to lose faith in me. So, it's got a kind of Wizard of Oz inspiration behind it. And it's this really amazing sort of glam, drug addict opera."
- The arena version will come to the U.S.

Telephone music video:
- Telephone is confirmed part 2 to "Paparazzi" video.
- Gaga explains, "I'm in prison but I'm having a good time in prison and I don't want to leave. So while I'm having fun in prison, people keep calling me and I won't take anyone's phone calls and then finally, I get the call that I want."

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