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New Couple: Amanda Bynes and Drake (or kid cudi)?

From the looks of her Twitter page Amanda Bynes seems rather smitten with one of yesterday’s disappointed GRAMMY nominees. The actress has been twittering away about her new love interest in the last few days. While she stops short of declaring them a couple or naming him publicly it seems like there is a pretty good chance she’s talking about a certain Canadian rapper. Look under the hood for the evidence.

Among Amanda’s many lovesick tweets:
“i hope the guy im into KNOWS who he IS!!!!”
“the guy i love is the most talented person ever!!!!!!”
“He inspires me to be better! *heart* awww we should get married :)
“i’d say his name if we’re an OFFICIAL couple and we AGREED to tell people :)
everybody i am NOT engaged! Stop asking me please!! Lol. i’ll let you all know when it happens one day :) He’d have to be my boyfriend 1st!

Pre-Grammy tweets:
*heart* wishing someone good luck today!!!
if a certain somebody doesn’t win i’m gonna be pissed!:)
Post-Grammy tweets:
“ummmm i’m irritated that a certain guy didn’t win certain awards.”
“He deserved them!!!”

“but he won my heart!!! everybody say it with me on #! 1…2…3…awwwwwwwww *heart* haha :)


sources: twitter/bossip

Tags: celebrity social media

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