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show me your white body, Jim Parsons!

Jim Parsons appeared in a video for Stand Up To Cancer organisation. Check it out! It's rather hilarious.

Article written by Jim Parsons for SU2C under the cut.

World Cancer Day and Your Xbox

Attention Gamers of the World and Good People of Huff Post:

Your friends at Microsoft and Xbox have teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer for a pro-bono media campaign to engage their LIVE community in the fight against cancer. Microsoft and Xbox have generously donated content space on some of their most popular Xbox LIVE games for Stand Up To Cancer's new Up2 You + Me music video -- which features yours truly. For one month, beginning today, February 4th (World Cancer Day) you'll be able to see the video on Xbox LIVE and it will be promoted within a number of popular Xbox LIVE games.

The idea for the Up2 You + Me music video came courtesy of the amazingly talented Selwyn Brothers. Brother Jesse directed, and Brother Zach wrote and performs the song. We had a blast coming together for 12 hours filming this video where I play 30 different characters and had 30 different costume changes. I got to keep some of the costumes -- which is great because Halloween is taken care of for the next few years. Stand Up To Cancer is an important cause and I was happy to play a part in this campaign -- because when it comes to the fight against cancer, really, it's up to you, it's up to me, it's up to all of us... You get my point.


Let's count how many costume changes he has.
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