"Full House" House For Sale

It's one of the saddest moments of youth: when the home you grew up in is sold off to strangers. And now it's about to happen to the house that all America grew up with.

Yes, folks, it's true: the house featured on the beloved family sitcom 'Full House' is being offered up for sale to the highest bidder. According to NBC Los Angeles, the stately Victorian home, which was featured in the opening credits for most of the show's eight seasons, is on the block with an asking price of $4.1 million.

Though the picturesque dwelling is located on some of San Francisco's most prestigious real estate -- it is located in Alamo Square, in what is known as Postcard Row -- the asking price is still raising some eyebrows considering similar homes in the neighborhood have been selling for closer to $1.5 million.

But there can be no doubt that the unique pedigree 722 Steiner brings to the table boosts its value over any other mere hovel. After all, for an entire generation of television fans, 'Full House' represents a halcyon age of family, friendship and laughter. And is any price too high to preserve that legacy?

No word yet on whether any of the show's stars, such as Beach Boy drummer John Stamos, funnyman Bob Saget or acting phenoms Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will become involved in the bidding, but one thing's for sure: whoever lands this house will have acquired a true national treasure.

(Note: There has been some debate as to the real location of the 'Full House' house; as the article points out, some claim that it actually resides at 1709 Broderick St.)


I always loved how the set of Full House didn't match the exterior at all. But my dream would be to live here forever and ever. ONTD should pool its resources and buy it, y/y?

EDIT: It appears people are reporting the Full House house is for sale when in fact it's another well-known house in San Fran. I am confused. But we can still dream of buying it.