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Kwan puts skating career on ice

SOMERVILLE - She will be walking through Davis Square at lunchtime, having dinner in the North End, or sitting courtside at a Celtics game and she’ll see the heads turning. That face, that smile. Is that her? Naww, couldn’t be. “She’s from LA,’’ Michelle Kwan says, laughing. “Why would she be here?’’

Kwan has been in the vicinity since last summer, studying for a two-year master’s degree in law and diplomacy at Tufts’s Fletcher School. The most decorated figure skater in American history (two Olympic medals, five world titles, nine national championships) now totes a backpack crammed with books, a computer and a Kindle.

“My friends here know me as Michelle the Student,’’ she says.

Kwan, who’ll turn 30 in July, hasn’t retired from skating, and there were times last year when she pondered going for an unprecedented fifth Winter Olympics. But once the Tufts acceptance letter arrived, she knew that she was at a crossroads.

“It was, ‘OK, now I really have to make a decision,’ ’’ she says. “It didn’t feel like it was a hard choice, but it was the right one for me at this time. Grad school, new experience, everything that I’ve always wanted. It’s a new path.’’
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