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Jordan Marries Some Dude in Vegas

[OP note: sooooo not my wording here, peeps and tweeps]


Last time she said “I do”, it was a lavish, Cinderella-themed wedding – but the fairytale ended in tears.

So Katie Price wasn’t going to make the same mistake again in her quest to be happy ever after. The model, aka Jordan, married her cagefighter lover Alex Reid in a hush hush wedding in Vegas last night.

The newlyweds jetted off to Sin City in the early hours of yesterday morning and checked in to the five-star Planet Hollywood hotel on Sunset Strip.

They freshened up and enjoyed champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries before being driven 500 yards to the marriage chapel at the Wynn Hotel.

Katie and Alex were expected to arrive by 3.30pm Vegas time for a quickie 22-minute ceremony that started at 4pm – watched by a select group of family and friends.

Guests included Katie’s publicist, Diana Colbert. Oh, and, of course, the TV cameras.

After they were pronounced man and wife, Kate, 31, passionately kissed Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex – a moving moment caught by the snappers of a glossy mag.

Less than half an hour after entering the rose-strewn chapel, the couple left holding hands and beaming – clutching a marriage licence. Then they returned to their $10,000-a-night penthouse honeymoon suite

Our source tells us: “Kate was incredibly excited. She had the idea while Alex was in the Celebrity Big Brother house and decided to just run with it.

“She loves Alex, and he is great with her three kids, so she thought she’d go for it.

“They may have secured a lucrative deal for the rights to their wedding, but their love is genuine. Alex worships the ground she walks on and Kate, fancies the pants off him.”

The only delay in their quickie wedding was finding the bride a suitable dress.

Our source adds: “They wanted to have the ceremony as soon as they got to Vegas, but the bridal stores weren’t open so she couldn’t get a dress.

“She had her fashion team trawling all over town for a gown. In the end she just had to make do.

“It was nothing like last time when she’d spent months designing her perfect dress. Her last wedding – with all her celeb pals and a huge fuss – ended in disaster.

“Kate wanted a no-nonsense do this time, with just her nearest and dearest. She’s a savvy businesswoman and decided she may as well get paid to get married.”

The couple are believed to have secured a £1million deal for exclusive pictures of their wedding – which comes less than a year after her split from Peter Andre.

Let’s hope this time Katie gets her fairytale ending...

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