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zac plays the papz

ZAC Efron has been busy punking the paparazzi!

While out jogging around Runyon Canyon in LA, the HSM star found himself surrounded by a group of snap happy celebrity photographers.

So he stopped dead in his tracks, waved at another runner just disappearing over the hilltop and yelled, “Hey, Robert… ROBERT!”

Laughing as the puzzled paparazzi looked at the disappearing figure, he said: “You guys are taking pictures of me? You just missed Robert Pattinson.” The photogs then bolted in search of “Pattinson”.

“When they caught up to the the runner and saw they’d been duped, the photographers ran back for Zac — but he’d hopped in his car and split,” a source told the National Enquirer.

LOL it does sound like something Zac would do, but would anyone really believe rpattz running in Runyon Canyon?

Other rumors of the week:

Zac Efron And Shia LeBeouf Feuding Bitterly (LULZ)

And OK Magazine (based off of Daily Star) says Zac is the next Spider-Man, Vanessa is the next MJ and the project has magically switched studios from Columbia/Sony to Universal.

The MJ/Universal stuff is silly, but Zac as Spider-Man is not out of the realm of possibility and it would make his comic book nerd dreams come true...

all of these sources are amazing and full of truthiness: 1, 2, 3
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